Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NATIVITIES - PESEBRES - A work of ART by Silvia Rivera

Hello my friends, today I have a very different post, but one I couldn't pass.  My only sister Silvia makes gorgeous nativities every year, and posted them this morning on Facebook and I wanted to share with you.  Aren't they the cuttest?  Well, she is in crafting paradise... our farm in the mountains in Colombia, there is where we learned all the basics of crafting from the best teacher we could have ever had... MOM!...  Ever since we where little girls, summers where spend up in La Papunga.  Back then, we only had black and white TV with 2 channels, so mom had to keep us busy and what better than crafting right?... We did lots of sewing, cross stitch, pyrography (wood burning), crochetting, but one I love the must was coloring books... we had lots of them and every year we had to go back and fix what we did wrong the year before... It was kinda boring sometimes back then, but now that I think about it, where the must wonderful days of my childhood... always creating...

But let me stop cause I am getting a bit melancholic.... AHHHH! those good old days when technology was not in the way! :)

So here they are


I hope you leave some love on this post so I can pass it along to her, and maybe it will convince her to join us in blogland...  She is a wonderful artist graduated from Miami International Fine Arts College back in 1987.


  1. Well, I'll leave her some love, because these are amazing! So beautiful and different, she has an amazing talent!

  2. These are amazing Sonia. What a talented family you are part of.

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I love Christmas scenes and these are awesome!!


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