Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am inviting all worldwide fellow scrapbooking aficionados to go ahead and take part in this LAST MINUTE Tropical Storm challenge!, Before I get pounded, nailed and hammered by tropical storm Isaac here in South Florida, I’d like everyone to take part in this windy and wet challenge. I am pushing the envelope, as the winner will get a $10 gift certificate from So, go ahead and lets have some fun.  Grab the umbrella freebie and make a card.  Link it here and I will pick a winner on September 1st.

Yesterday was a hard day, we put up the storm shutters, yes, I say "we" cause hubby, son and I did and those panels are heavy, but we manage and believe it or not, we did not argue "AT ALL".  5 windows and a patio sliding door on the first floor and 8 windows on the second floor.  We didn't have any wind so it was easy peasy.  We do not think is going to be that bad, but when you are in the storm path or close to it, is better to be safe than sorry.  Twenty years ago we had Andrew and believe me I learned my lesson but I was not even married back then, so hubby doesn't know cause he is New Yorker.   Seven years ago Katrina caught us by surprise and we had a horror night, then it was Wilma and that was another nightmare (even though we had shutters) but this time, I want to sleep tight feeling safe.  All borded up and ready to receive tropical storm Isaac, although, is a visit I rather don't have.

Soooooo... Isaac! I am okay if you don't come to visit us... We won't get upset at all... lol.  Have a wonderful day.

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Now, remember to grab the UMBRELLA in the Freebie page and play along.


  1. Looks like your ready. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hope everything is ok for you Sonia!

  3. Hoping you will be safe and sound - Hugs Karon

  4. im in central florida and have to do the same things. but im willing to do one last challenge with you. thanks and be safe.


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